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Nanga Mai

Nanga Mai means ‘to dream’ in Gadigal language. And that’s exactly what we want Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Year’s 10 to 12 to do.
Based on UTS’s popular U@UTS program, Ngana Mai has been specifically developed to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from across NSW a taste of what life is like at UTS and to allow them to dream big about their future. 

This program has been designed to give year 10, 11 and 12 students a taste of university life. It’s open to all students of academic backgrounds, no matter which school you go to or what sort of grades you get.

Students can enrol in two different lecture/workshops in their faculty of choice, meet our current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, gain information about Jumbunna’s Direct Entry Program and enjoy a free lunch and cultural event to round off the day.
For more information about how to register for this event email: atsievents@uts.edu.au