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Getting into UTS

Student profiles

Meschelle Darr

Bachelor of Adult Education and Community Management

'Challenges are there for the taking, accept them and you will succeed in mind, body and spirit.'


Dallas Clarke


'I remember waking up one morning and realising I didn't want to spend the rest of my life as a high school dropout, working full-time at McDonald's.'


Shelle Murphy-Oates

Bachelor of Management in Events and Leisure

'Since receiving a scholarship from Jumbunna, I feel like a weight has been lifted, I can now concentrate on studying and get the results I deserve.'


Michael Mieni

Bachelor of Science in IT

'A big part of my choice to study at UTS was Jumbunna. I felt confident I could do really well in my studies with their support.'


Magenta Highfield

Bachelor of Nursing

'I love doing re-enactments in the hospital setting. When working with Simulation Man in the labs, I remember why I am here at UTS, because it’s amazing!'


Jessica Durham

Bachelor of Education in Primary Education

'UTS is certainly preparing me for the real world because I’m learning the essentials I need for my profession.'


Gemma Sentance

Bachelor of Laws

'UTS has given me the opportunity to study what I love and find my passion.'


Daniele Hromek

Bachelor of Design in Interior & Spatial Design

'Remember what a wonderful opportunity learning provides - be open to it.'


Daniel Allan

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental), Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Chile) and Diploma in Engineering Practice

'I am only in the third year of a six year degree, but my cadetship at Evans & Peck has already started exposing me to real world engineering work.'


Blake Hayward

Bachelor of Marine Biology

'If it wasn’t for Jumbunna, I wouldn’t be studying at UTS today.'


Amy Tracey

Bachelor of Design in Fashion & Textiles

'Jumbunna provides a sense of belonging in a large university where you can sometimes feel like just another number.'