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Getting into UTS

Jumbunna Pathways

There are many pathways to university and it’s our job to help you find the one that's right for you. At Jumbunna, the ATAR is not the primary measure of success.

Prospective students can be recent-school leavers (with or without an ATAR); you may be a little older and have TAFE qualifications; if you are an Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person, you can apply for undergraduate study at UTS via Jumbunna Pathways and UAC.

We provide specialised assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to study undergraduate degrees at UTS. We also provide advice and guidance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people looking to apply to postgraduate programs at UTS.

The Jumbunna Pathways Program offers prospective undergraduate students an opportunity to illustrate their capability for higher education via a testing, assessment and interview process. Selection is also based on factors including previous life, education and work experience.

Learning Development Program

Jumbunna has a number of Learning Assistance Tutors specialising in Academic Communication or Academic Mathematics who can assist you with your studies. Just drop in to Jumbunna during business hours or email Jumbunna.Assist@uts.edu.au to make an appointment to meet with a tutor.

It is delivered via individual tuition or in small groups and is regularly reviewed to ensure it addresses the changing demands of higher education.

Our students frequently comment on how important the program has been in ensuring their academic success. Performance tracking data shows that students who attend the program weekly have greatly increased rates of success.

Contact Jumbunna for more information on 1800 064 312 or jumbunna@uts.edu.au