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UTS:INSEARCH Indigenous Scholarship Program

Jumbunna work closely with UTS:INSEARCH and we are pleased to announce the UTS:INSEARCH Indigenous Scholarship Program which aims to bring UTS within reach for Indigenous students.
Recipients of the UTS:INSEARCH Indigenous scholarships will also have access to additional support services through Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning.

Felise and Ferdinand

Scholarship Details

UTS:INSEARCH is offering up to nine scholarships for one of six Diploma courses. Applicants for scholarship can seek advice from Jumbunna on which INSEARCH program best prepares them for their future studies at UTS.

Scholarship Value

Between $27,000 - $34,500 depending on the Diploma chosen.

The scholarship recipient may also receive additional support with Co-op book vouchers, computer resources and public transport assistance. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis with Jumbunna and UTS:INSEARCH.


The Scholarship program is open to all Australian Indigenous students under the age of 25 who have undertaken study in the past 3 years (purpose to identify potential to undertake current tertiary study).

Selection Criteria

  •     Identify as an Aboriginal and / or Torres Srait Islander Asutralian person.
  •     Demonstrate the capacity to benefit from a UTS:INSEARCH pathway program to UTS.
  •     Have applied to study at UTS via the Jumbunna Pathways Program for 2017.

How to Apply

Applications to be sent to:
Indigenous Outreach Officer
Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning
Phone: 1800 064 312 or 02 9514 1902. 
Email: atsirecruitment@uts.edu.au