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Direct Entry Program

At Jumbunna, the ATAR is not the primary measure of success. Prospective students to our Pathways Program is inclusive of recent-school leavers (with or without an ATAR); non-school leavers; people with TAFE, College or previous University qualifications.

The Jumbunna Pathways Program offers prospective undergraduate students an opportunity to illustrate their capability for higher education via a testing, assessment and interview process. Selection is also based on factors including previous life, education and work experience.

Our Jumbunna Pathways program involves three days of testing and assessment on campus. During your stay in Sydney, Jumbunna will organise all accommodation and meals. The on campus program includes: 

Day 1: Written and Faculty Task - the written task is to assess participant’s academic writing and comprehension of the resource material. The faculty task is in the context of the degree the participant is applying for. Within Business, Engineering, Science, Education and Health, there is a maths task relevant to the area of study.

Day 2: Group Task and Presentation.

Day 3: Meet with Academic teaching staff - participate in an informal interview.

A week after testing and assessment, participants will be notified with a recommendation to one of the following pathways:

  1. Direct entry to UTS – straight into an undergraduate degree of your choice.
  2. Unistart – A fee free enabling course for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people. The program runs for one year and allows students to build their skills in the degree they are interested in. Students will also focus on building up their skills in literacy and maths. Successful pathway students go straight into the first year of their chosen degree. Find out more about Unistart.
  3. Insearch – A foundation diploma course where students develop and strengthen their knowledge in their chosen course area. Students who complete the diploma with a distinction average are fast tracked into the second year of their undergraduate degree. Insearch scholarships are available for application. Students who enter the Insearch program receive a tablet or laptop to assist them with their studies. Find out more via Insearch.
  4. TAFE or further preparation – Jumbunna pathway participants who have the potential for study once they build their knowledge skills will be recommended a TAFE course. These participants are invited to apply for Jumbunna Pathways after they successfully complete their TAFE course.

Applications for Jumbunna Pathways is now open and you can apply online via the Jumbunna Pathways Application Form. Applications close 1 October 2017.