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Clinical placements

Clinical placements will be an integral part of the physiotherapy course and will enable you to gain relevant ‘hands on’ training in a clinical setting, link theory to practice in a meaningful way and apply the skills you have acquired at UTS to the treatment of real patients.

Our integrated clinical placements will ensure you gain a breadth of physiotherapy experience in a broad range of settings addressing issues across the lifespan. You will complete 700 hours of clinical placement over the two-year program, undertaken as four blocks, each full-time and of five weeks in duration. During placements you can expect to manage a diverse caseload of patients under the guidance of a clinical supervisor and who will also be an experienced physiotherapist.

The UTS Master of Physiotherapy holds Australian Physiotherapy Council accreditation. 

Benefits of the UTS clinical placement program:

  • assess and treat real patients and gain relevant clinical experience

  • gain experience across a range of settings which may include private practice, acute care, community

  • enhance your clinical reasoning, organisation, time management, supervision, communication and conflict resolution skills

  • increase your awareness and understanding of the different areas of physiotherapy practice, helping to shape your future career path

  • network with other health professionals and begin to build contacts within the profession 

  • be prepared for entering the workforce with a wide range of skills and capabilities

Finding a placement

UTS: Physiotherapy sources all your placements at sites carefully selected to offer quality supervision that complements in-class learning.

Placement locations

You are allocated placements within the Sydney metropolitan and greater Sydney areas. Opportunities to undertake placements in rural and regional settings may also be available.

Clinical simulation

Clinical simulation, which takes place on campus from session 1, is designed to prepare you for external placements. It puts into practice the principles of professionalism as well as consolidating learning of core physiotherapy skills. Clinical simulation may include role plays, the use of high-fidelity mannequins, professional actors and real patients; all designed to create authentic real-time settings in which you can apply your physiotherapy skills. The Simulation facilities at UTS are world class and feature 16 cutting-edge labs that are purpose built to simulate hospital settings.


Hospital placement partners include some of the largest teaching hospitals across Sydney ensuring you are engaged in the Australian public health system. In any public health setting you can expect to see acutely ill patients, those requiring rehabilitation and those attending an outpatient clinic.  

Private practice

Clinical placements in private practice across Sydney offer opportunities to see a range of musculoskeletal injuries arising from sport or lifestyle; for example upper and lower limb injuries, back pain and postural disorders.

Clinical education schedule

Year 1
Session 1
1 week clinical simulation placement (full-time)

Session 2
5 week block placement (full-time)

Year 2
Session 1
5 week block placement (full-time)

Session 2
2 x 5 week block placement (full-time)
2 x 1 week clinical simulation placement (full-time)

Commencing students

Detailed information on clinical placement requirements and logistics including uniform, vaccinations and more can be found on the UTS Current Students site.