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Clinical placements

Master of Pharmacy students experience a diverse range of clinical placement opportunities. Students complete approximately 520 hours over the two year program, ranging from half day per week placements during teaching sessions to block placements during session breaks.

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Finding a placement

All placements are generally sourced for students by UTS Pharmacy. Occasionally students may choose to source their own clinical placement (around a particular area of interest or location, for example), but most prefer to take advantage of provided placements as these sites are carefully selected to complement in-class learning.

Placement locations

Students are allocated placements within the Sydney metropolitan and greater Sydney areas. Opportunities to undertake placements in rural and regional settings are also available for students.

Community pharmacy

Our partner pharmacies are located across the Sydney metropolitan and greater Sydney areas, from Hornsby in the North to Wollongong in the South; from Manly in the East to Penrith in the West.

Hospital pharmacy

Our hospital pharmacy partners include some of Sydney's largest teaching hospitals as well as settings in rural and regional Australia.

Alternative and specialist practice settings

Students also have the option to pursue career interests outside the traditional areas of hospital and community pharmacy. Specialist settings can include:

  • Pharmacy Consultancy (e.g.Meditrax )
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Government
  • Professional Organisations (e.g. National Prescribing Service)
  • Specialist Clinics (e.g. respiratory, oncology, drug and alcohol)
  • Research

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Clinical placement schedule

Year 1

Year 1 is spent in the same community pharmacy for all placements

Autumn Session - Community pharmacy 1/2 day per week

Session break (June/July) - Community pharmacy 2 week block (full-time)

Spring Session - Community pharmacy 1/2 day per week

Year 2

Year 2 is spent in a range of practice settings:

Summer session break (December, January, February) - Hospital pharmacy (2 weeks of dedicated on-campus orientation to clinical practice plus 2 weeks hospital pharmacy pending placement availability)

Summer session break (January, February) – Community pharmacy or alternative and specialist settings (see above for examples) (2 weeks)

Winter session break (June/July) – Community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy or alternative and specialist settings (4 weeks)

Commencing students

Detailed information on clinical placement requirements and logistics including uniform, vaccinations and more can be found on the UTS Current Students site.