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Isn't three months' work experience enough?

Other universities require students to complete three months' work experience, yet UTS requires 12 months...

Tackling complex engineering projects can take a long time. The longer your internship, the greater exposure you'll have to the realities of the working world and the measures taken to tackle those complex projects.

At UTS, you'll complete two 6-month internships as part of the Diploma in Professional Engineering Practice: one as early as second year and the other in fourth year. 

You'll also have the option of interning overseas thanks to our membership with the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IEASTE) (opens external link). Paid professional traineeships are available in over 80 countries.

Internship 1

Returning to university as a young professional will inform your further study and no doubt, your approach to learning will shift. Moving forward, you'll know which skills you'll need to pick up and why.

Ian Avico UTS Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice student

Ian Avico
Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice*, majoring in Innovation - Mechanical
"The theory definitely relates back to the work I'm doing. Even the social and communication skills I'm picking up are important."

Internship 2

When you do your second internship you'll be close to graduating, so it gives you a valuable introduction to life after your degree. Many of our students finish their degree by studying part-time and working part-time as trainee engineers. 

Smit Bhatt Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice graduate

Smit Bhatt
Bachelor of Engineering Diploma in Engineering Practice*, majoring in ICT
"My internship trained me in essential communication and technical skills, both of which are important in my current role."

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Why should I sign up for a longer degree?

The UTS course is 5 years long, while other universities offer 4-year engineering courses...

Complete a 4-year engineering degree and you're on your own when it comes to finding work once you graduate. While at UTS, you can benefit from our engagement team and our Engineering Practice and Work Integrated Learning subjects. Your internships may also involve paid work. That means you could potentially be earning while studying.

Engagement team

You'll need to manage your own internships; however, our engagement team can assist you with this process. The engagement team maintains links with more than 1000 organisations offering both scholarships and internships. They also offer opportunities to find mentors, meet contacts, and build networks that are invaluable for your future career.

Financial benefits

Pay can vary a great deal as students directly negotiate their internship conditions. In 2016, the average weekly salary for UTS Engineering students on their first placement was approximately $680, and $796 while on their second placement.