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What is engineering?

Engineering is all around us - from traditional infrastructure to robotics, green vehicles, recycled water systems and renewable energy. Engineers identify a problem and come up with a solution. 

Today, engineers are pioneering solutions to major world issues in the areas of energy, water, food, environment, transport, housing and the ageing population. It's an exciting time to be an engineer!

Career opportunities in Australia and beyond

UTS Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

There are plenty of job opportunities in most areas of engineering, particularly in Australia, but also worldwide. In fact, engineers are highly sought after in China, Nepal and India. Our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree is fully accredited by Engineers Australia (opens external site), which means your degree is recognised around the world in countries that are signatories to the Washington Accord.

There are plenty of positions and tasks out there for engineers. Here are some options:

Environmental engineers  make buildings and systems more sustainable
Mechanical engineerscreate factory machinery and mechanical parts for automobiles and medical applications
Project engineersmanage a team of civil engineers on building projects
Electrical engineerswork in developing countries on power generation, alternative energy or in biomedical engineering
Network engineersare involved in the design, operation and maintenance of communication technologies, moving information across rooms, buildings, cities and continents
Researchersinvestigate engineering issues. Researchers work on ground-breaking projects that have the potential to help millions of people

For comprehensive career information, check out joboutlook (opens external site).

Are you up for engineering?

UTS Engineering Geomechanics Lab

To 'engineer' literally means to 'make things happen'. Science and mathematics will be a big part of your degree. If you haven't completed these subjects as part of your senior years at high school, UTS has bridging courses in physics, chemistry and mathematics, as well as a foundation level mathematics subject which will help you prepare for tertiary studies in engineering.

How much do engineers earn?

According to Graduate Careers Australia, the median starting salary for engineering graduates across Australia is $64,000.