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Floodplain Risk Management

Economically speaking, flooding causes the most damage of any natural hazard in Australia, including injuries and deaths. Yet out of all natural hazards, it is the most manageable. 

This short course will show you how to develop and implement floodplain risk management (FRM) plans in accordance with the NSW Government's Floodplain Development Manual (opens external site) and the Australian Government's Managing the Floodplain - A Guide to Best Practice in Flood Risk Management in Australia (opens external site).


Introduction to floodplain risk management (FRM)

  • how FRM is undertaken in NSW and the roles of the relevant government agencies;
  • the principles of FRM and the desired outcomes of FRM projects;
  • developing and implementing FRM. Specifying and managing flood studies, FRM studies and plans
  • more effective involvement and engagement in the FRM process;
  • short introduction to hydraulic and hydrological modelling in FRM

This module will run in August 2016

Managing flood risk to existing properties

  • roles of FRM studies and plans in managing risk to existing development;
  • FRM issues for existing development;
  • full range of practical FRM options and associated decision making and implementation issues;
  • determining the appropriate option for a particular situation;
  • the impacts works can have upon the environment and other management objectives and how these can be considered;
  • approvals necessary for mitigation work projects;
  • continuing flood risk and how to manage this risk; and
  • implementation of management plans.

This module will run in September 2016

Effective Consideration of Flood Risk in Land Use Planning

  • managing risk to future properties and associated duty of care issues;
  • the role of management studies and plans in managing risk to future property;
  • the current legislation and policy framework;
  • managing flood risk strategically;
  • manage risk to future development;
  • continuing flood risk and how to manage this risk; and
  • effectively implement recommendations.

This module will run in October 2016


Who should attend?

Floodplain risk management is aimed at engineers and planners who are engaged in the NSW Floodplain Management process and are seeking to develop Floodplain Management Plans in accordance with the NSW Government's Floodplain Development Manual (opens external site).

It is also suitable for elected local government councillors and community representatives on Floodplain Risk Management committees seeking a background in floodplain risk management and associated land use planning issues.


Presenters include industry experts, including those from OEH, NSW State Emergency Service, Local Government and consultancies. 

This short course is also conducted by UTS in conjunction with the:

Course fee

AUD$550 each module (inclusive of GST) per person.


Registration is not yet open.

For further assistance contact:
Associate Professor Jaya Kandasamy
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: +61 2 9514 2558
Email: Jaya.Kandasamy@uts.edu.au