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Postgraduate courses

Whether you want to advance your career or deepen your technical skills, or both, UTS offers a wide range of Master's degrees and Graduate Certificates to suit your needs. 

Choose a technical course if you would like to further develop your specialist knowledge or a management course if you would like to transition to from a technical to a management role, integrating engineering, technology and management. 

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Engineering cover postgraduate course guide

UTS: Engineering
postgraduate course
guide 2017

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Management courses

Master of Business and Technology (domestic students only)

The MBT is a leading postgraduate business degree for technology professionals to aspire to leadership roles. All course content has immediate and relevant application in real-world workplaces.

Master of Engineering Management

If you're an engineer or technical specialist or wish to expand your managerial skills within a technology-based organisation, then the Master of Engineering Management is ideal course for you.

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management

This course enables you to update your understanding of recent advances in engineering, technology and business practice. 

Master of Engineering Management Master of Business Administration

This double degree provides all the advantages of a generalist Master of Business Administration with a focused engineering management program. 

Master of Environmental Engineering Management

If you're an engineer or technical specialist looking to take a leadership role in the area of environmental engineering, then the Master of Environmental Engineering Management is for you. 

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering Management

The Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering Management enables you to develop a background and competence in environmental management, addressing issues that are high on the political and professional agenda. 

Offshore courses

Master of Engineering Management (Hong Kong – English)
Master of Engineering Management (Hong Kong – Chinese)
Master of Engineering Management (Shanghai – Chinese)

Technical courses

Master of Engineering Master of Engineering Management

This double degree will assist you to deepen the technical skills and knowledge acquired in your undergraduate degree by focusing on a major of your choice. 

Master of Engineering

If you're an engineer or technical specialist wishing to deepen and expand the technical knowledge you gained during your first degree, then the Master of Engineering is the ideal course. 

Master of Engineering (Extension)

In addition to the course structure of the Master of Engineering, the extension course includes a sub-major worth 24 credit points. You can either start in this course or progress into it after completing at least one session of the Master of Engineering.

Master of Engineering (Advanced)

If you're a professionally qualified engineer seeking the opportunity to complete an in-depth exploration of specific engineering aspects, then the Master of Engineering (Advanced) is the ideal course.

Graduate Certificate in Engineering

All subjects are taken from the Master of Engineering, which means this course can be fully credited towards the master's program, should you wish to continue your studies.

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Studies

If you are completely new to engineering or technology, but wish to move into the field of engineering, then this course is the ideal place to start. It is also ideal for those who hold a TAFE diploma (or equivalent) in engineering with significant work experience.

Master of Professional Engineering (Biomedical, Civil, or Mechanical)

This course provides an opportunity at master's level for recently graduated engineers who have completed either a three or four year Bachelor of Engineering or Technology and continue in the field of specialisation. This course also provides an opportunity to be prepared to embark on a 12-week professional experience, or equivalent (as required by Engineers Australia).

We also offer the chance to incorporate a Nokia certification into your course.


The following majors are available in our Master of Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Engineering courses:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Control Engineering
  • Energy Planning and Policy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Management
  • Operations Engineering
  • Software Systems Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • No specified major