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December 2015

On 14 October 2015 the School of Education hosted Professor Bill Green (Charles Sturt University), a highly accomplished scholar in educational research, who offered both a retrospective account of the ideas that have driven him in his later work, but also a prospective thinking through of where key parts of our field might, or should be, heading.
Hannah Gibbins has been awarded the “Primary English Teachers’ Association of Australia Award for Excellence — Outstanding Achievement in English Education for 2015”
Dr Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn is working collaboratively with staff from not-for-profit organisation Youth Off The Streets, acting as a research mentor in designing and implementing an action research project that focuses on the question of how the use of Restorative Practices in Youth Off The Streets school settings can improve student learning outcomes.
A UTS:Education project team will investigate Australian career change student teachers (CCSTs) across all universities in Australia. The project will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of CCSTs, their professional learning needs and other specific requirements, and will inform teacher education institutions on how to cater and provide support for this growing and significant cohort.
A seminar by, and a series of meetings with, Associate Professor Rekha Pappu of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), India, has generated interest among school and faculty staff and led to a deeper understanding of areas of mutual interest, the nature and scope of joint research and student collaborations between UTS and TISS.
In the BEd and MTeach elective, Teaching Across the Curriculum, UTS teacher education academic, Dr Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn, aims to advance her students’ understanding of, and skills in, creatively designing learning programs. In 2015, she re-examined the subject in light of changes to school curriculum in Australia, new learning technologies, re-consideration of physical spaces in schools, and on-going concern about student engagement and authentic learning.
Dr Don Carter (School of Education) presented at two international conferences in July and has also recently co-authored two published papers with Associate Professor Jackie Manuel (University of Sydney).

October 2015

This newsfeed is designed to showcase to the Education communities in all sectors some of the excellent research being done within the School of Education in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS.
UTS:Education staff are working with researchers and a team of students to develop technologies to support learning for students who observe simulations.
The quality of science and technology education in primary schools varies widely based on numerous factors, both teacher and school derived. The research being conducted for the Association of Independent Schools will identify those most instrumental in influencing choice of science and technology instruction and integration in NSW primary schools.
Sumin Zhao's project explores the rich and diverse language and literacy resources available for young children at home and in early childhood centers in Australia.
A partnership between Microsoft and UTS across the first half of 2015 provided eleven teachers the opportunity to be part of an exciting research project investigating the use of the Surface Pro 2in1 device with Science and Maths.
This research investigates the complex factors that promote or inhibit quality teaching and learning with mobile technologies for secondary schooling.
Nick Hopwood’s DECRA project is using a Vygotskian approach to understanding how professionals help parents develop resilience. The research questions relate to the nature and use of professional expertise, and the pedagogic relationship that unfolds between practitioner and parents.
UTS talk provides insights into educational programs run in India and quantifies the success rate in students’ literacy and numeracy as a result of those programs.
The University of Technology Sydney along with our partner schools have the opportunity to work in partnership to provide high quality professional experience that meets the principles, practices and core commitments underpinning the Professional Experience Framework.
A UTS project investigates whether a more highly qualified VET teaching workforce could help to address quality issues identified in the sector.