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Industry-leading staff

UTS’s Design, Architecture and Building staff are comprised of industry-leading professionals and internationally respected academics. Thanks to their global industry and institutional connections, they are able to help students maximise their creative and professional potential.

Dr Sumita Ghosh

School of the Built Environment

Dr Ghosh, an architect and urban planner, has extensive experience working with Australian universities as well as government environmental agencies in New Zealand. Her research interests focus on applications of sustainable urban design; urban morphologies and performance assessments for precincts; green infrastructure planning (urban forestry and local food production); settlement planning and policy in reducing energy and carbon footprints using spatial analysis and modelling and roles of onsite practices and social aspects of growing food in home, community and rooftop gardens to create healthy and sustainable communities. She has participated in a number of research projects and published refereed papers and book chapters.

Iain (Max) Maxwell

School of Architecture

Iain MaxwellIain (Max) Maxwell is a registered architect who was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Young Architects Prize in 2007. An accomplished academic, he has taught at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London Metropolitan and the University of Canberra.

Max’s research traverses design culture and technology and focusses on computational design strategies, robotics and advanced modes of fabrication. In 2006, he cofounded supermanoeuvre with fellow UTS academic David Pigram. The practice is currently commissioned by EMPA, a Swiss government materials research agency, to develop a demonstration project that achieves extreme material and energy efficiencies.

Zoë Sadokierski

School of Design

Dr Zoe SadokierskiWhat is the future of the book in a digital age? Dr Zoë Sadokierski is a lecturer in Visual Communication whose research focuses on the future of books and publication design in a digital age. She has designed over 250 books while working at different publishers in the past 10 years. The relationship between word and image and its material form (printed or digitised) has led her to experiment with the ‘hybrid’ publishing model. Recent projects include “The Book of Days” an illustrated anthology of the Sydney Writers’ Festival created live at the 2015 festival.

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