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Credit recognition

If you have previous study in our subject areas from an Australian University, International University, UTS: INSEARCH, TAFE (see below) or another higher education provider such as a college or institution you are eligible to apply for credit recognition (CR).

DAB has an established list of approved exemptions for several TAFE courses and UTS: INSEARCH known as articulated courses. The Credit Recognition search tool details the articulated courses and can be used as a guide to see what CR you may be eligible for. You must have completed a TAFE or UTS: INSEARCHqualification at the level specified in order to be considered for CR.

If you have not completed an articulated TAFE course, or have a qualification from a non-articulated TAFE course, your application will be assessed on an individual basis. Time restrictions may apply surrounding the eligibility of applying for CR.

CR search tool

Please note: this search tool is only a guide and is by no means exhaustive. The amount of credit indicated for a course may not be applicable for all majors within the course. If your search does not return any results, you may still be eligible for credit recognition at UTS.

Currency of knowledge and skills

Subjects completed more than 5 years prior to the student's first session of study in the relevant degree from the School of Design, Architecture, and Institute for Public and Governance won’t be considered for Credit Recognition.

Subjects completed more than 5 years prior to the student's first session of study in the relevant degree from the School of Built environment may be considered for Credit Recognition.

Portfolios to accompany applications

Portfolios may be required to support a credit recognition application that has been lodged.
Portfolios will be required to establish clarity when students appeal a decision.
Portfolios are to be in the following format only:

  • Electronic (hard copy portfolio material will not be accepted).
  • 5 pages (maximum) of digital files (PDFs) and/or photographs of original work appropriate to the course.
  • 1 page written submission (150 – 200 words) that addresses equivalence of their work for subject they applying for, discussing the aims of the work. This page should have the applicant name and be the first page in the pdf document followed by the images.
  • File name for each electronic document: lastname_firstname_title.

Portfolios are not required for courses under the School of Built Environment or Institute for Public Policy and Governance.

Work experience

The School of Built Environment may consider credit recognition for postgraduate degrees on the basis of work experience AND supported by an underpinning relevant qualification. Applicants will need to provide a current resume, outlining the related experience, accompanied by supporting reference/s from relevant employer/s and a certified copy of any academic transcripts for any underpinning qualification/s.

The School of Architecture and the School of Design do not grant credit recognition on the basis of work experience.

When to apply for CR

Local students 

If you have been made an offer to study at DAB. You should apply for CR when you accept your offer.

International students

  1. It is best to apply for CR at the same time as applying to study at UTS for a DAB course.
  2. Complete the CR application form and lodge it with your UTS application.

This provides the Faculty with sufficient time to assess your eligibility and means your offer letter will have the correct course duration.

How to apply for CR

Local students 

Apply by submitting an application for credit recognition (PDF, 97kB) in person at the UTS Student Centre: Building 10 – Broadway, Level 2, 235 Jones Street. Ultimo.

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

International students

Apply by submitting an application for credit recognition (PDF, 85kB) at the time you lodge your application. Applications can be submitted in person to:

Manager, International Recruitment
UTS International
University of Technology, Sydney
Level 3A, UTS Tower Building
15 Broadway Ultimo NSW 2007

By post
Manager, International Recruitment
UTS International
University of Technology, Sydney
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

Application Process

Step 1.

Some courses have pre-determined credit arrangements, while others will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Use the Credit Recognition Tool to find arrangements that may apply to your previous study.
  • If your Institution or Course is not listed you may still be eligible to apply for Credit Recognition.

Step 2. 

  • Complete the UTS Application for Credit Recognition Form

Step 3. 

  • Complete the DAB Subject Comparison Table
  • All CR applications must include a detailed subject comparison table. For the application to be approved there must be a clear match on 80% of the details.
  • The subject comparison table contains 2 parts. Part 1 must include your full name, the name of the course and institution where studied, the year/s study was completed and the number of sessions you studied at the institution. Part 2 details how the previous subjects you completed compare with the UTS subject for which credit recognition is sought.

Step 4. 

For Work Experience supporting documentation (for Built Environment postgraduate degrees only):

  • Each application will be assessed individually. Applicants will need to provide a current resume, which outlines the related experience and supporting letter from the employer, and copy of academic transcripts for any underpinning quailfication/s.

Step 5. 

  • Attach all documentation to the application.
  • For the application to be accepted it must be accompanied by the appropriate documentation. It is the responsibility of the applicant to source the required documents and compile the document set.

Application Checklist

Only a complete application will be accepted and must include all of the following:

  • A completed original hard copy UTS Credit Recognition application indicating the credit sought along with providing the equivalent subject completed, and institution.
  • Include your full name, student ID and signature. (If there has been a name change, please include supporting evidence).
  • A certified copy of your testamur and academic transcript indicating the qualification previously awarded and the year in which they were awarded. These copies must indicate the grading system that was used in the previous study.
  • Copy of the Subject Outlines from the year in which the relevant subjects were undertaken. Subject Outlines must include:

1. learning objectives
2. details of topics covered
3. types of assessment
4. list of readings/textbooks used.

  • Ensure that official translations of all material are included if your documentation is in a language other than English, these must all be officially certified.
  • Applicants must include/attach a written subject-to-subject match (using the DAB Subject Comparison Table) which shows the way in which your previous course of study is related to the learning outcomes, type of assessment or content of the subject for which you seek Credit Recognition.
  • If applying for an exemption on the basis of work experience, please attach a current resume, which outlines the related experience, and supporting letter from your employer.
  • Submit your application by the due date (Refer to Timeframes for Application).


For further information please call us on 1300-ASK-UTS (1300 275 887), contact us online via ASK UTS or visit the managing your course page. 

International students can seek further advice by dropping into our International Student Centre, by email international.applications@uts.edu.au or by phoning +61 2 9514 1531.

Credit recognition may be available for previous study