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Bachelor of Communication

There are lots of communications degrees out there, but none of them are quite like ours.

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With the UTS Bachelor of Communication, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a unique professional focus that’s underpinned by a depth of practical experience. And you can tailor your degree: with the option of undertaking two majors, core and elective subjects, as well as a wealth of combined degree options, you can build a course that leads to your dream career.

The degree is offered with the following six majors and possible combined degrees with International Studies, Law or Creative Intelligence and Innovation.


Course structure 144cp: Major 48cp, Second Major Stream 16cp, *Second Major or Electives 32cp, Core subjects 24cp, Cross Disciplinary Electives 24cp

*All students (excluding Media Arts and Production) undertake the first two subjects of a second major, however, minimum requirements must be met to apply to continue in the second major. Students who don't meet the requirements or who choose not to continue on in the second major will be able to undertake electives instead.

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Second major

Select one of the following second major* 48cp options:

  • Creative Writing, 48cp
  • Digital and Social Media, 48cp
  • Journalism, 48cp
  • Public Communication, 48cp
  • Social and Political Sciences, 48cp

UTS:Communication undergraduate course guide 2017 (PDF, 2.9MB, 28 pages)

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Multi-skill set

The majors you choose will give you a uniquely tailored skill set, setting the foundation for your future career. Select from a variety of major combinations, such as:

  • Journalism + Digital and Social Media
  • Media Arts and Production + Creative Writing
  • Public Communication + Digital and Social Media
  • Digital and Social Media + Social and Political Sciences
  • Creative Writing + Public Communication
  • Social and Political Sciences + Journalism

* Note: When it’s time to apply for your course, you’ll apply through UAC for the Bachelor of Communications of your first major. You’ll then select the second major once you’re enrolled at UTS. Continuing with your second major choice after your first year requires a minimum GPA score of 3. Media Arts and Production is not available as a second major.

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Combined degrees

Expand the scope of your communications qualification by combining it with another UTS degree. Options include:

  • Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
  • Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Communication / Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation

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