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Social and Political Sciences

The Bachelor of Communication (Social and Political Sciences) degree focuses on the study of social and political sciences in the contemporary world through communication — interpersonal and community, and more widely in society and the global public sphere

UTS Social and Political Sciences course

This cross-disciplinary course investigates society, explores current issues, and questions implications of change and progress in the global community. Students undertake professional studies as well as social, cultural and communication theory and practice so they can ask questions, research issues, develop advocacy skills and develop effective communication strategies.

Combining social, political, historical and philosophical perspectives on how societies work the course provides students with practical skills in qualitative and quantitative social research methods. Students learn how to understand social issues and how to think through ways of making a difference; how to research, communicate and plan contributions to national and international debates. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills to be involved in diverse organisations engaging with social change.


UTS Social and Political Sciences course 2

Why Social and Political Sciences at UTS?    

  • Students engage critically with the real world of social and political change, gaining experience in advocacy and in communicating policy. They gain hands-on experience, producing an online publication on a key social issue, and undertake project work with an outside organisation.
  • Subjects offer a dynamic combination of social science analysis, communication studies and research skills that spans politics, cultural history, international studies, sociology and social policy. 
  • Students begin by undertaking an interview focused on one individual’s life story, analysing the story in terms of its social and political context, asking how people acted to change or improve that context.
  • Students then participate in a real-world organisation – a political party, religious institutions, or advocacy group. They observe and analyse how the organisation promotes its ideas in society. 
  • From ideas students move to the economy, to understand how work and consumption affects social change. They analyse a global commodity such as coffee, oil or rice, and how it is affected by concerns about social justice or sustainability.
  • Students then apply their knowledge to investigate a current social problem. They apply research methods to developing evidence-based proposals for change, which are published online as part of an SPS series. 
  • Students experience how proposals are translated into policy, developing hands-on advocacy skills, and producing strategies to communicate and influence policy priorities.
  • In their final subject, students do a project for a non-government organisation, a government agency or a politician in the NSW Parliament, or alternatively undertake a supervised research project or a field-work project.
  • Select as a first major, or as a second major option to compliment the skills in your first major.

UTS Social and Political Sciences course 3


Social and Political Sciences prepares you for a career engaging with social change. Options include: advocacy in environmental, Indigenous, human rights and overseas development organisations, and trade unions; policy research, analysis and program management in government; management in social services and welfare, including women’s, migrant and indigenous programs; research in think-tanks and academia. 

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What the students say

Aishah Ali, Social and Political Sciences student thumbnailAishah Ali
Bachelor of Communication (Social and Political Sciences) Bachelor of Laws

“The course holistically champions independent thinking, it empowered my voice, giving me academic confidence in tackling challenging issues.”

Alannah Daly
Bachelor of Communication (Social and Political Sciences) Bachelor of Laws

“Expect to have your views on the world challenged, but in a good way!”

Stephanie Newman, UTS Bachelor of Communication (Social and Political Sciences) Bachelor of Arts in International Studies studentStephanie Newman
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry) Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Japan)

"This degree is a way for those with inquiring minds to challenge themselves to reconsider their ideas, beliefs and place in the world."

Christopher Field, UTS Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry) Bachelor of Arts in International Studies studentChristopher Field
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry) Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

“The social and political research components of my degree have been invaluable in my present vocation.”

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Social and Political Sciences course 4