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Portable equipment store

The MediaLab portable equipment store gives students access to an extensive range of professional production equipment. This enables students to produce broadcast quality projects and to graduate experienced and competent working with the latest production technologies.

The store resources include:

  • HD digital video cameras,
  • professional lighting systems,
  • digital sound recording equipment, and
  • 16mm film cameras

Store staff are experienced media production professionals who work enthusiastically with our students to ensure they select the right equipment to meet their production needs.

Equipment booking

Subject to the MediaLab Equipment Store loan guide (PDF, 92kB), book store equipment using the portable equipment and facilities online booking system.

For helping using the online booking system, watch the video below on how to book.

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Group booking sheet

In the event of a group exercise where students will be working as a crew, the conditions of borrowing and the responsibilities for safe, proper use and care of equipment can be shared, making all signatories responsible.

Use the group booking sheet form to nominate the members of the crew who will be responsible for equipment.


Group booking sheet (PDF, 49.73kB, 1 page)
Loan guide (PDF, 129.97kB, 5 pages)