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About Communication

Careers and employment

Our courses place a high value on creativity and production, with many graduates emerging to become outstanding practitioners across the media and communication fields.

communication careers and employment

What will you gain with a career in communication?

  • Transferrable skills across all industries
  • Interesting, challenging and creative work in a dynamic industry that is constantly changing
  • Good working conditions and a balanced lifestyle
  • Work overseas
  • Media and Communication is a global industry

The communication industry needs people who:

  • Are good communicators and like dealing with people
  • Are creative thinkers and good problem solvers
  • Are willing to learn new things and adapt to an ever changing environment
  • Are resourceful and capable of research and analysis
  • Can communicate across various mediums and media platforms

Communication careers and jobs

What can you do with a career in communication?

There are many different jobs in communication - here is a snapshot of career options available in the fields of practice.

Creative Writing

  • writer for online sites, anthologies, magazines and literary journals
  • fiction or non-fiction writer
  • screenwriter
  • editor in a publishing house
  • feature writer for newspapers
  • writer and researcher in academic journals
  • communications officer in a variety of organisations

Information & Knowledge Management

  • information architects
  • media researchers
  • information managers
  • web content developers
  • content managers
  • new media producers
  • librarians
  • database designers
  • collection developers
  • project managers


  • careers in the print, broadcast, online and social media
  • reporters
  • producers
  • publishers
  • editors and sub-editors
  • feature and freelance writers
  • investigative journalists
  • media researchers
  • strategists

Media Arts and Production

  • directors
  • editors
  • film producers
  • cinematographers
  • sound designers
  • new media producers
  • production managers
  • scriptwriters
  • multimedia designers
  • radio producers
  • arts administrators
  • freelance media artists

Music and Sound Design

  • sound design or production across a diverse range of media, communication and design outlets including music, animation, web applications, gaming, product design, exhibition design and architecture.
  • new media artists
  • interactive media artists
  • installation artists/sound sculptors
  • computer musicians
  • electronic music composers
  • product audio designers
  • software interface designers
  • new sonic interface designers

Public Communication/Communication Management

  • communication strategists
  • public relations consultants
  • advertising executives
  • media liaison officers
  • event coordinators
  • publicity officers
  • political media advisers
  • advertising copywriters
  • community relations managers
  • integrated communication specialists
  • internal communication specialists

Social and Political Sciences

  • political advisors
  • community historians
  • social researchers
  • community development workers
  • policy analysts
  • trade union officials
  • media researchers
  • international aid workers
  • social welfare officers
  • community projects managers and change agents in a range of social, cultural, historical and political arenas

* Please refer to the careers section in the specific course of your interest as there are a variety of courses within these fields of practice

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