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Bachelor of Economics

The Bachelor of Economics provides you with the analytical and quantitative skills required for an in-depth understanding of key economic principles. Commencing in 2016, this degree includes basic training in econometrics, macroeconomics, and microeconomics with an emphasis on practical policy.

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Why choose this course? 

  • Become a leader in Market Design: Learn how to apply economic theory by conducting experiments and analysis to design market mechanisms and algorithms for everything from internet advertising to property auctions and government procurement contracts.
  • Acquire adaptable skills: gain strong analytical and quantitative skills transferable across a variety of business disciplines.
  • Tap into world-leading research: learn from researchers and practitioners at the forefront of new thinking in economics and related fields.
  • Develop the analytical and practical skills sets that are in peak demand by leading economic and business consultancies and financial institutions throughout the world.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Economics includes 11 core subjects to provide the training for policy analysis in real world settings: microeconomics, game theory, experimental economics and industrial organisation. Students also have the option of completing a major in another business discipline, two sub majors or one sub major and additional electives. Each option includes an additional elective that can be taken from the Business School.



Students can choose to complete one or two sub-majors (SMJ). 

Capstone Subject

A capstone subject at the end of your degree synthesizes knowledge from game theory, experimental economics and industrial organisation to study policymaking in real-world settings.

More information

For a full course description of the Bachelor of Economics, including application information for local and international students, see the course outline here.