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Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business offers you a sound background in all areas of business through common core subjects, plus indepth knowledge in one or more chosen areas of interest. With an extensive range of majors, extended majors, sub-majors, and electives, you have the flexibility to build on your interests and add specialisations.

Why choose this course?

  • Have the flexibility to select your course structure and major(s) after your first year. This means you have the opportunity to use first year to explore all areas of business and ultimately guide your chosen specialisation in years 2 and 3.
  • Choose from 10 majors and 34 sub majors, as well as 4 extended majors, meaning you have the flexibility to study a broad range of specialisations; or do an in-depth study of a specialisation of your choosing.
  • Complete a capstone subject in each business major at the end of your degree. This subject enables you to consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout your studies by applying them in a real-life project or business problem.

Integrated Business Perspectives

A compulsory first year subject, Integrated Business Perspectives IBP has been developed in response to calls from industry wanting graduates with a thorough understanding of how different business elements work together. Through IBP, you will get a taste of the different disciplines in the business degree by studying a bit of everything – finance, economics, accounting, marketing, management – as well as gaining a strong understanding of how each of these key components work together.

Business Internship

The internship subject is available as an elective to second and third year students and gives you the opportunity to complete 30 days of approved work experience in an industry setting relevant to your major. UTS academic staff will help you to formulate a work program with the workplace provider to put theory into practice and extend your learning beyond the classroom and gain meaningful and practical experience.

The Business Internship subject has been included as an elective option in the following Bachelor of Business majors:

  • Economics and Extended Economics
  • Finance and Extended Finance
  • Management and Extended Management
  • Marketing and Extended Marketing
  • International Business

Students who are completing all other majors, which include a compulsory set of 8 subjects, may still be able to do an internship as a free elective.

Course Structure

The Bachelor of Business degree allows you to choose from 5 course structures. Rather than choosing a specialisation/major upon entry into the course, this degree allows you to complete core subjects in your first year of study before selecting a specialisation for subsequent years.

You can then choose to study one of the following options: a second major; two sub-majors; one sub-major with a range of elective subjects; or undertake an extended major.

Bachelor of Business Structure
Core Subjects

In first year, all students undertake 8 compulsory core subjects that provide a thorough grounding for a career in business across all key discipline areas.


All students must complete a compulsory major from the below options:

Second Major

Students wishing to complete a second major can choose from the majors listed above as well as the following:

Extended Major

This degree also offers the options of completing an extended major, meaning students can also choose to complete an in-depth study of the following:


Students can choose to complete one or more of 34 different 4-subject sub-majors.


Students also have the option to choose to study 4 elective subjects in this degree. Students can choose electives from almost any area of the university.

Entry requirements and further information

For more information on the course, including entry requirements see the full course description.