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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business

The Bachelor of Business is our most versatile and widely known undergraduate program. With a diverse range of majors, second majors, extended majors, sub majors and electives to choose from, this program can be tailored to your needs and interests no matter what they may be. An introduction to each key field of business through core subjects in first year provides you with a well-rounded understanding of the business world and how each aspect fits into the larger picture, which means that you make a more informed decision when you choose your major and course structure in second year. 

Bachelor of Management

The new Bachelor of Management degree replaces the highly respected Bachelor of Management in Events and Leisure and Bachelor of Management in Tourism and adds a new major option in Sports Business. The Bachelor of Management is for aspiring strategic decision makers, dealing with management knowledge and concepts across some of the world’s most dynamic and exciting industries. A unique feature of the Bachelor of Management is the Business Design and Innovation stream, that develops the ability to make strategic, well designed, entrepreneurial decisions, and all students gain industry experience through a compulsory internship within your major in Events, Tourism or Sports Business. You can also choose from a range of sub-majors.

Bachelor of Economics

Commencing in 2016, the Bachelor of Economics provides you with the analytical and quantitative skills required for an in-depth understanding of key economic principles. The course includes basic training in econometrics, macroeconomics, and microeconomics with an emphasis on practical policy. The Bachelor of Economics includes 11 core subjects and 6 elective subjects to provide the training for policy analysis in real world settings: microeconomics, game theory, experimental economics and industrial organisation. Students also have the option of completing a major in another business discipline, two sub majors or one sub major and additional electives in economics. Each option includes an additional elective that can be taken from the Business School.

Bachelor of Accounting

The Bachelor of Accounting is a highly competitive and experience-based degree offered only as a Cooperative Scholarship Program. The Bachelor of Accounting provides you with a multi-skilled accounting degree with a strong emphasis on both accounting and financial management, both essential business tools. With twelve months of full-time experience working in the accounting field for some of Australia’s largest and most respected firms, and a thorough education in all aspects of business as well as finely honed communication and leadership skills, the opportunities this program offers are second to none.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a new and exciting course designed for Indigenous Australian professionals wishing to gain a degree qualification and maximise their career options. This premier course is specifically designed for leaders of the future, who aspire to move into senior or executive positions. The course provides the skills to manage enterprises and organisations of the future effectively, taking into account Indigenous perspectives, cultural diversity and ethical standards for managing in today’s ever changing organisations. Those admitted into the program will be involved in collaborative study with other Indigenous people who are business administrators, managers and leaders in their own right.

The difference between Business and Commerce degrees

A question we often get asked is what the differences are between our Bachelor of Business and similar Bachelor of Commerce degrees offered at other leading universities. To help answer this, we have prepared a table that explores the similarities and differences in terms of course content, major options etc.