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Economics is fundamentally about choices and the impact of our choices on each other and on society. The ability to think like an economist is a powerful tool, regardless of where your career takes you! At undergraduate level students can choose the Bachelor of Economics, a new degree for a new economy, or the Bachelor of Business with a major or extended major in Economics. The PhD in Economics blends rigorous coursework and research.

For more information see Economics at UTS.

Master's Coursework
Master's Coursework Location
Master of Business Administration City campus
Grad Dip New Area of Study
Grad Dip New Area of Study Location
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration City campus
Doctorate Research
Doctorate Research Location
Doctor of Philosophy City campus
Doctorate Research and Coursework
Doctorate Research and Coursework Location
Doctor of Philosophy City campus
Master's Research
Master's Research Location
Master of Business (Research) City campus