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Practical experience

Practical experience is one of the core tenets of teaching and learning throughout the University. At UTS Business School, we ensure our students gain practical experience in every subject throughout the course of their degree. Each course is structured to ensure that relevant, practice-based assessment is conducted alongside theoretical learning and examination.

Integrated Business Consultancy

Through UTS Business School’s extensive engagement with industry and professionals at all levels, we receive advice and input from across all business sectors to ensure our course content remains relevant, innovative and applicable to the future of business.

Capstone Units

Each major in the undergraduate programs involves completing a capstone subject, consisting primarily of an industry project. These subjects allow students to create work that is assessed at an industry level, and to contribute significant project outcomes to their professional portfolio.

Live Case Studies

In a number of subjects, students are given real-world case studies that have been brought to the Business School by our industry partners and collaborators. This insight into the workings of the current issues facing the industry is invaluable, as students can experience the application of their skills and knowledge in a workplace scenario, but with the input and advice of peers and academic staff.


For information on our work placement programs, see our Internships page.