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What's it really like?

First year experience

The first year of a Bachelor of Business degree is designed to give you as much breadth in your educational experience as possible. You'll take subjects in all our major discipline areas, including Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Finance and Management, as well as Integrated Business Perspectives to help you see how all the pieces fit together. This gives you the best grounding to make decisions about how your degree will progress in your second year and beyond.

To further help you make decisions about your future, we have a Careers and Majors Day, which gives you the opportunity to hear from industry professionals and UTS alumni about what their careers involve, and to discuss your major options with UTS Business School academic staff.

If you're still choosing your degree, or haven't yet started at UTS, then we also have Open Day and Info Day to give you the opportunity to learn all you need to know about studying and student life.


Mapping Out Your Degree

The Bachelor of Business lets you design a degree that's right for you. With the most flexible course structure available, you choose how broad or how specialised your studies are.

The compulsory first year subjects give you a feel for all different areas of business, equipping you with a multifaceted skill set as well as informing you on your strengths and interests. In second year, you have the choice of four different structures and an almost limitless choice of subjects to guide the remainder of your studies.

 Bachelor of Business course structure


If you're looking for an even broader range of study, why not take a look at our combined degree options, which give you cross-faculty education and an even more versatile qualification.



"Going into my degree I had an idea of my broad areas of interest, however not yet having knowledge of all disciplinary areas, the first year at UTS gave a great introduction to the core areas offered."

Aislinn Bakker
B. Business (Honours), Accounting & Marketing double major