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Balancing work & study

Are you working while studying? Our Bachelor degrees and the majority of our Masters degrees are designed to give you the flexibility you need to balance work, study and recreation.

Many of our courses are offered with options such as day and evening classes, block classes, part-time course loads and intensive study modes, and we also offer some subjects during a condensed summer school period. High level support and access are provided for our library and IT services, both after-hours and off campus, to make your balancing act that much easier.

We also offer a wide range of support services and facilities including English language support, learning assistance, student and career counselling, health and housing services and 24 hour access to computer labs. If you need help with the academic aspects of your degree, take a look at the wide range of student support and services available.


Student Testimonials


Adam Cryer

Master of Management
"The most rewarding aspect of my studies was the sense of achievement I got from completing my degree. Working full time with a family and a mortgage and that type of stuff, the support which UTS gave me to be able to achieve that was just fantastic.”