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Postgraduate Research (PhD)

UTS Business School’s PhD Program challenges candidates to identify critical issues and important research questions and to execute their research to deliver robust results. This view reflects our aim to train world-class researchers, who are equipped to conduct excellent research both now and into the future. Our aim is achieved by paying close attention to the skills which each individual PhD candidate needs and to foster innovative and cross-disciplinary thinking as a prerequisite to understanding the “big” issues faced by business and government.

The UTS Business School PhD comprises three stages:

  • Stage 1 focuses on skills acquisition and development (including formal coursework)
  • Stage 2 continues this process into the development of a thesis topic as well as at least one other joint research project
  • Stage 3 is focused on completion of the thesis

All PhD candidates are supervised by a committee of at least three academics, with one of those often being from another discipline to the one in which the candidate is based.

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