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Marketing is essential to all organisations. It focuses on understanding consumer wants and needs and transforming these into consumer satisfaction, value and profits. Marketing thrives on using creativity and innovation to create strong branding and to position an organisation in a different light to competitors. Marketing encapsulates diversity and this extends to the potential career paths that could be taken. The knowledge and skills provided to students within a Marketing Major can be transferred to any industry sector, a marketing skill-set is one of the key attributes that employers look for in university graduates.
For a list of all UTS Marketing courses, including undergraduate, postgraduate and short course programs, see here.

Why choose Marketing at UTS Business School?

  • We are accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute.
  • Our marketing academics have received national teaching awards, such as Carrick Institute Citations and citations from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, and a number have been voted in the top 10 of the UniJobs Lecturer of the Year awards.
  • We have significant links with the marketing profession. Many of our teaching staff have worked in senior marketing roles in business and are respected consultants within the marketing industry.
  • Our research is the most heavily cited in leading industry journals of all of the Marketing schools in New South Wales. 

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