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As the world changes, so must the way we do business. That is why UTS Business School is developing as a world-leading centre of business thought and practice. We are embracing integrative thinking, ethical decision-making and corporate sustainability as core curriculum design principles, while upholding our reputation for delivering degree programs that demonstrate the intellectual rigour, practical application of knowledge, and industry relevance for which we are renowned.

UTS Business School is the largest faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney, and one of the largest business schools in Australia. With almost 11,500 students, over 300 academics and six prominent research centres, our School contributes not only highly skilled and knowledgeable graduates to the workforce, but engages in relevant, groundbreaking research that is changing and shaping the industry.

World Class Leaders in Career-Relevant Education

Our integrative approach to teaching and learning has established UTS Business School as a prominent institution for business education.

Practice Based Degrees, Sought After Graduates

We remain in constant close communication with industry leaders through our advisory board, adjunct professors and alumni, all of which ensure that our programs are designed to meet the needs of a changing business world.

Flexible Study Options

As the only full-service university campus located in the Sydney CBD, we are ideally situated to make balancing work and studying easy for you.

Cutting Edge Facilities

Our new learning spaces encourage collaboration and innovation in both formal and informal learning environments.

A Global Perspective on Education

Get a broader view! With a number of fantastic international opportunities, you can take your studies to a whole new level.

Designing the Future of Business

Learn more about how UTS Business School is changing the way we tackle the issues of tomorrow through integrative, creative approaches:

UTS Business School knows what business education is about in the twenty-first century. As a world class business school in a world-leading university of technology, our task is to prepare graduates for a new economy where creativity and integrative thinking are as highly valued as specialised areas of knowledge.

This means we do more than analyse case studies and teach textbook theory. Our students, unlike students at most other business schools, have the opportunity to develop their creative potential and learn to recognise and nourish this potential in others. This is the way we develop true business and community leaders – leaders who are ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges. 

I look forward to welcoming you to UTS.

Professor Roy Green
Dean, UTS Business School