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The UTS Build Experience

  1. Fantastic leadership opportunities
  2. International experience
  3. Entrepreneurial skills
  4. Teamwork
  5. Brilliant workshops
  6. Leadership and communication skills
  7. Great short courses
  8. Networking skills
  9. My experience at UTS BUiLD was actually life changing
  10. It just really appealed to me because it’s not just about doing international studies
  11.  It’s also about looking at social and environmental issues
  12. I just thought ‘yeah’, that’s what I want to be a part of and it didn’t cost anything
  13. So I just signed right up.
  14. I think the most important thing that I've learned through BUiLD
  15. is just that cross-cultural understanding and respect.
  16. I think, it’s really important for in the communications industry
  17. to have that strong understanding of where other people are coming from
  18. in order to craft messages that resonate with them.
  19. My favourite BUiLD memory is going to Virginia Tech for the 
  20. Virgina Tech KnowledgeWorks students business concept competition
  21. BUiLD were the ones that advertised the competition and we were given the travel grants each.
  22. If it wasn’t for the travel grants we would not have been able to go over there.
  23. It was a week in America with students from all around the world.
  24. It was the most amazing experience.
  25. I travelled to Cambodia. I participated in a fundraising challenge for charity. 
  26. The idea was that as a team we'd cycle around 200km across the countryside and also trek about 60km. 
  27. And so we raised around $50 000 for the Oaktree foundation.
  28. I was always passionate about and completely against the unfair treatment of women.
  29. And issues relating to human trafficking in general 
  30. And also wanted to get involved in programs that targeted these issues, but never really knew where to begin.
  31. This was mainly through the activities I participated in, like the Ideas Hubs 
  32. and the overseas trips focusing in education, social enterprise and change.
  33. We want to show people that you can use the power of business to change the world.
  34. I wish when I was at uni, there was stuff like this.
  35. So that’s what made me get involved with BUiLD.
  36. There was one moment in the Leader’s project,
  37. we were pitching to each other, so there was a room full of maybe 14 young UTS students
  38. who all had ideas about social change. 
  39. And it was the first time that I’d taken an idea from inside my head
  40. and out into the real world
  41. Not just ‘oh, yeah, that’s kind of okay’ but have a bunch of
  42. peers say ‘hey this could be something, this is really cool’.
  43. Through UTS Build I got equipped with a lot of entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurial mindsets.
  44. And so that’s been really instrumental in not only setting up my own social enterprise
  45. but getting a job even before I graduated.
  46. So I’m working on a social enterprise called ‘Bloodless'
  47. and we are a fashion label that uses t-shirts to start conversations and raise funds for causes.
  48. 40K is dedicated to tackling real world issues 
  49. in a global context. So to do that,
  50. we are providing educational opportunities and innovative technologies 
  51. to children in rural India.
  52. I think 40K and the UTS BUiLD program coming together has been an incredible alignment of values.
  53. Its all about developing young Australians and fostering their skills in a context that they normally wouldn’t be in
  54. as well as getting overseas experience.
  55. When I first came to UTS, I was just this naive, a bit lost, high school kid.
  56. Through BUiLD I’ve been given these fantastic opportunities to really step up.
  57. Allowed me to think laterally about my career opportunities.
  58. Has definitely made my university degree a lot more fun.
  59. And on the way I’ve met some amazing friends, met some amazing people and had some amazing experiences
  60. And now I’m working in a job that I really, really enjoy and working on my own enterprise.
  61. I would trade any of it for the world and I couldn’t have done it without BUiLD.

UTS BUiLD – As Wilson Tells It

  1. Hi, I'm Wilson and I'm a part of UTS BUiLD.
  2. BUiLD is an exciting and dynamic leadership program at UTS,
  3. that helps you gain experiences outside of the classroom that you never normally would have the chance to do.
  4. BUiLD is open to students of all faculties.
  5. So if you'd like to learn about communicating across cultures,
  6. expand you networks,
  7. and develop yourself as a leader,
  8. get involved.
  9. (BLOOPERS) ...expand your networks...oh, I said learn twice, sorry.
  10. BUiLD is open to students of all faculties!
  11. What was the next thing that I keep forgetting?
  12. Wait...I need to get into the zone.

UTS BUiLD – As Philomine Tells It

  1. Hi, I'm Philomine. I'm an engineering and business student.
  2. and I've been part BUiLD for the past few years of my engineering degree.
  3. BUiLD has given me countless opportunities to learn outside the classroom,
  4. both at home and overseas.
  5. I've had opportunities to teach English overseas,
  6. go on study tours to Vietnam,
  7. and participate in numerous activities around the university.
  8. and also meet a lot of people while I was at it.
  9. If you join BUiLD, you can do this too.
  10. (BLOOPERS) If you'd like to do this, you need to join BUiLD (laughs)
  11. You can do this too, if you join BUiLD (laughs)
  12. Sorry, that just failed! I'll try that again (laughs)

UTS BUiLD – As Alice Tells It

  1. My hands are shaking right now.
  2. Hmm...should I just start?
  3. I do a lot of this and I get in trouble for it.
  4. I just need to have a minute...(deep breath)
  5. This is why I could never be in show biz.
  6. My name is Alice. I'm a business student at UTS.
  7. I've been part of the BUiLD program for 2 years.
  8. BUiLD is free for all students post-graduate and undergraduate
  9. and its really flexible throughout your degree.
  10. For me its opened a lot of doors, opportunities, life experiences and international travel.
  11. and I've made some awesome lifelong friends.
  12. If you are a student at UTS you should come and check it out.
  13. (BLOOPERS) I...I just pull stupid faces...
  14. I said 'um', I'm really sorry about that.
  15. I have to start again don't I?
  16. What's the word?
  17. So just do it. Its free!