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Female: UTS really struck the right balance for me.  It was a really well-regarded degree, combined with a really practical approach.  

Male: I think I chose science at UTS because there's a practical basis to everything you do.  It's a skills-based thing; it's designed to get you a job in industry.

Female: Having those strong relationships with the industry means that the degrees are really relevant to what employers want in the market.

Female: Their approach to problem solving and analysis taught throughout my whole degree really gave me the skills and tools to be able to adapt to a changing work environment and a changing world.

Female: Digital is rapidly changing.  One day it's all about social media, the next day it's all about innovation, and my degree really prepared me for that at UTS.  

Male: The new buildings, the technology that's been updated, the facilities, they really made a big difference to me.

Male: I think there's a difference between knowing that something works and actually being able to make something work and being able to play around with these things with your hands and fingers actually really helps you out.

Female: To be in various subjects with teachers that are really passionate about what they do, it's motivating, it's inspiring.

Female: We have to be able to do night classes when we're in our internships and being able to quickly just get between the office and the classroom is really valuable.

Female: Being located in the centre of Sydney, everything's at your fingertips.

Male: If you want to go for lunch you can go into town, go to the movies after class and things like that.

Female: It creates a really vibrant, energetic, dynamic culture and feel around the university campus.

Female: By the end of my degree I felt that I had the skills ready to hit the ground running in the workforce.

Male: The opportunity for work experience through connections through tutors and lecturers is definitely there, it's just a matter of asking.

Female: I was able to get a summer vacationer role, and from that they actually gave me a graduate position.

Female: I really, really love my job.  Studying at UTS has got me to where I am today and I'm on the right path where I want to be.  

Female: I've been able to travel the globe helping clients improve their digital experiences, and I don't think I would have had those opportunities without the groundwork that I learnt at UTS.