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Global Exchange video transcript

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Montage of buildings around the world and images of students on Global Exchange

Text: Jessica La Rosa, Bachelor of Information Technology
Jessica: I chose to go on exchange because I wanted to experience a new culture and I wanted to make new friends from not just Italy but all different countries.
The thing I like the most about Italy is that it has such an interesting culture. The Italians really love family and they’re very close, very friendly. That’s great also when you’re studying there because it was really easy to make friends.

Text: Kruti Joshi, Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism)
Kruti: The thing I liked the most on exchange, from being from India and then living here for twelve years, I’ve never seen snow so I thoroughly enjoyed that and I also quite liked the people I met, most of them were from Europe and it was amazing to think like its such a small place and it could have so many different cultures and languages.

Text: Chun Lam Ma ( James), Bachelor of Forensic Science in Applied Chemistry
James: The main reason I chose to go on exchange was that I really wanted to experience something that was very different from my home country, Singapore and Sydney and I’d like to experience something that is more diverse in terms of education base.

Text: Luke Fergus, Master of Architecture
Luke: the opportunity to study architecture in Denmark is quite appealing and also the chance to study in another school especially in Europe. To see their sort of teaching style and how they go about things was also attractive.

Text: Bradley Sacks, Bachelor of Business
Bradley: I think the specific skill that I developed while I was on exchange was how to manage money and I also learnt how to live by myself. I have never lived away from home before. As a matter of fact I have never actually travelled overseas before without my parents. I also learned how to be more confident and interact with different people from different cultures.

Jessica: What I loved about the university was that the teachers were very, very helpful. The subjects were exactly what I wanted. I wanted to study Italian as the language and it was so great to learn from Italians themselves.

Kruti: the best thing I gained while I was on exchange was a lot of friends and a lot of new acquaintances. If I ever go back to Europe I know I’ll have a place to go to and a person I can rely on.

James: When you go on exchange you get a global perspective. You get more culture embedded in you and what I think is that this experience is one of a kind you can’t get it else where. So I really recommend students, international students to go on exchange. Just go for it.

Jessica: It can be a bit scary at first to make the decision to move to a country at first. I think its very valuable and it could be the best six months of your life. Once you’re there, you’ll learn so much and you’ll make friends of a life time. So I really encourage you to go on it.

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