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The technology revolution that we are experiencing at the moment is unprecedented. We are seeing the biggest expansion of technology in business, in research, in our everyday lives. One of the biggest challenges in the technology revolution is actually having enough people to actually fill the roles that are expanding at the moment. We need people and we’ve been told by our industry partners that they are looking for data scientists, they are looking for software engineers, they are looking for software developers, they are looking for artificial intelligence experts and they are looking for cyber security experts. So, one of the things that people are experiencing is that 30%-40% of the jobs we see today are no longer be there because they are going to be replaced by technology and automation. Artificial intelligence is now becoming one of the hottest topics around and that is because everyone wants to use some sort of intelligence whether it be in their business or everyday life to predict something or to make something easier. This is where our life will be changing totally, we once use to wonder what would be the future, the stocks and other things we need to predict, well, now the power is there through Big Data, data science and the machine learning behind it to be able to predict into the future: how will a business succeed? What will make a better business? What will be the best for the future of a company? UTS and the Faculty of Engineering and IT are very uniquely placed because we offer some of the biggest range of opportunities for students to interact with industry. We have over 700 industry partners and within that we offer a lot of opportunities for internships. It’s about providing them opportunities to interact with industry from the beginning of their degree and all the way to the end. For example, in our engineering degrees we offer two internships and this is unprecedented in many other university’s and also the fact that our computing science and IT degrees, same thing, we offer internships to ensure that students are constantly connected with industry – to always be at the forefront of the cutting edge of what our industry offers and to us that is extremely an important part of the learning process. The people that are coming through our degrees need to embrace the fact that this technology is going to hit very soon and that they need to be prepared for the jobs in the future and undertake in the degrees that we offer here at UTS.