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Transcript: UTS Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

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>> LUKE BAWEJA: The opportunity to go overseas and live in a country that is not your own, that doesn’t speak english as its first language, in a culture that you may not necessarily know and stay there for a year and develop such an enriching experience.

>> LYNDALL WHITBY: Being able to choose a degree and combine it with international studies meant that I could study abroad, travel while doing it and just have a great time so that’s how its turned out.

>> ALICE BARRETT: When I was on exchange I went over from UTS with about ten other people and if anything was tough, if we ever felt homesick, we could just call each other and it was so close and it was so nice having some other Australians and some other UTS people around.

>> ISABELLA MIFSUD: Going overseas kind of gave me the opportunity to think about where I wanted to go with my degree, and having that time away from UTS, I was really able to refocus the direction that I wanted to go in.

>> LYNDALL WHITBY: The absolute best thing was getting to know a new city, a new culture, a new language, and making a lot of friends while doing it.

>> ALICE BARRETT: I made a lot of friends that I’ll probably keep for as long as I can.

>> ISABELLA MIFSUD: Coming into another country as a foreigner really motivates you to go out and experience the things that are going on and it’s so easy because you want to know about these things.

>> LUKE BAWEJA: This degree presents such a wonderful opportunity for students to go and experience and have a new life.


>> ALICE BARRETT: Goodbye, good luck!

>> LYNDALL WHITBY: Choose Germany, it's fun!

>> ISABELLA MIFSUD: Choose international studies, it's an incredible experience

>> LUKE BEWARE: Go to Italy and I will see you there. See you soon!

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