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Fiona Brooks (Associate Dean, Research): What we want to focus on is not just about academic outputs and achieving publications in high-rank journals.It’s actually about undertaking research that’s of social value, and changes the health and wellbeing of the population. In our work around nursing practice, we are empowering the nursing professions to really have an authentic and articulate voice in the policy-making process of health care delivery. In relation to human performance, really just starting to engage with the whole physical activity agenda that is so fundamental to the health and wellbeing of the population.

Donna Lu (PhD Candidate, Sport and Exercise Science): I chose UTS to do my PhD mainly because of the high impact researchers. I really wanted to learn from the best and work with the best. What I’d like my research to do is bridge that gap between the medical professional and strength and conditioning coaches and making sure that we align our objective to be enhancing performance and minimising injuries as well.

Phillip Newton (Director, Research Students): So our students have already made enormous contributions to society. They’ve improved the way women give birth. They’ve improved the care of people who are dying from advanced disease. They’re improving the way that athletics and sporting teams are preparing for elite competitions. They’re identifying people who are at risk at a global level, a population level, for worst outcomes, that will then enable dimensions to be developed to improve those outcomes.

Fiona Brooks (Associate Dean, Research): Thinking about the future…where is the next ten, fifteen years of research excellence going to come from? And it’s going to come from our HDR students and early careers researchers. And building their career is a fundamental arm of our strategy.