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The UTS: Science Super Lab is the first of its kind in Australia. Featuring modern equipment and technology it can accommodate up to 220 students from 12 different classes, with experiments from different disciplines running at once. This short video provides a detailed look into a day in the life of the Super Lab.

[Instrumental music]

A unique facility
[Opening shot panning across students using computers at work benches]

52 metres long
26 workbenches
12 demonstrator stations
[Close up shot of Super Lab computers panning out to view entire lab]

Break out sections
Lots of natural light
[Shot of four tables in a break out section with students sitting at tables watching smart board, a demonstrator in a blue lab coat talks students through content on smart board]

[High shot overlooking Super Lab full of students all wearing white lab coasts working at benches with computers]

12 different classes
220 students
Learning simultaneously
[close up of three students in white lab coats with headphones on looking at computers and writing]

[Demonstrator wearing blue lab coat puts headphones on]

Two-way wireless headset and microphone communication]
[close up of student plugging headset cord into receiver; and then putting headphone set on head]

Sophisticated and easy to use
[Demonstrator wearing blue lab coat touches computer monitor; students at work benches follow on their own computers]

Video streaming to students’ PCs
[close up of student wearing headphones looking at computer]

12 LCD screens
[Diagrams are projected on to large LCD screen as students watch]
Document and PC Projection
[Demonstrator in blue lab coast talks and students look at LCD screen]
[Physics student in white lab coat and clear safety glasses opens drawer at workstation pulls out keyboard talks to two other students while looking at PC]

Surface Pro tablet and wireless camera
[Student touches computer monitor to enlarge graph]
[Students look at computer and notebook discussing problem]
[a button is pressed which changes a blue light at their workstation to orange]
Orange lights alert demonstrators to students
[Light turns orange and a demonstrator in a blue lab coat and clear safety glasses comes to students to assist]
Students are well supported
[Demonstrator continues to talk to group of students who nod their heads]

[Close up of students in white lab coats picking up test tube with red chemical out of fume cupboard]

[Demonstrator in blue lab coat points to test tube and talks to student in white lab coat]