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Olivia Savio-Matev: Interior and Spatial Design Student

The way that interior and spatial design at UTS differs from other interior decorating and interior architecture degrees at other universities is in the way that it relates to people, to space, and to the city in general. We definitely don’t deal with decorating with cushions or colour samples, but much more so with how people seek to use space and how through spatial design you can improve the way that people live to a degree.

In my degree its not a degree that is kind-of singular, its something that requires a lot of engagement and a huge amount of dedication by not only the students but to the practitioners and tutors as well.

So I think that having people who work in industry to inspire you but also to guide you through the design process and to make you into the designer you are is kind-of this huge opportunity that I’m not sure other design schools really get. So I think in my degree I’ve been really lucky with the people that I’ve met along the way and also the students that have been with me not only for the first three years of the degree but over the last year as well.

So its kind-of a multi layered approach to design and thinking, and its not something thats limiting, and I think that kind-of broadens people’s ability to go out and go into different kinds of design practice.