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Brittany Johnston: Landscape Architecture Student

I think its such an emerging market and there is such a demand and focus on the environmental sustainability, and theres such a move towards sort of larger scale urban planning, and I think that landscape can offer so many different scales of work.

I chose the degree over architecture because I feel like its such an important field that we go into, and theres such a push today towards sustainability and definitely even just implementing landscape within architecture, theres such a high collaboration between the two.

Everyones a bit overwhelmed with the examples they give us of previous students, they seem so high quality and professional standard, and at first you’re scared and you don’t think you can produce something like that but with direction and through your tutors they definitely help you move past that and you’re amazed to see what you can produce by the end of semester.

So recently we travelled to Paris in France, and to Barcelona in Spain as part of our landscape field trip, and we attended the landscape architecture biennale in Barcelona, and just did some other side trips as well for a couple of weeks.

It can be a bit full on but if you just take the work piece by piece and listen to your tutors, use your peers, its definitely helpful on so many different levels to learn what the others learn because they’ve been through it, especially because we’re mostly doing the architecture course first year, theres so many different people that you can talk to about it.

So in five years, I will most likely just be finishing my degree, and then I would like to get a job in a firm, just building up my skills and knowledge base at a lot of different professional scales so anything from residential up until urban planning, just building up my base set of knowledge so that in the future hopefully I can open up my own firm. I’d love to work collaboratively with friends from architecture and hopefully that would be a good base for a profession.