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Help with timetable terms


The UTS academic calendar is made up of teaching sessions. The main teaching sessions are Autumn, Spring and Summer. Short teaching periods commence March through to December. For more information visit the UTS Handbook 2016 academic calendar.

The main teaching session codes are:

  • AUT - Autumn session
  • SPR - Spring session
  • SUM - Summer session

During the transition to the new academic calendar, the 2016 Timetable Builder also includes

  • SMR – Summer Session 2015/16

Calendar B main teaching session codes are:

  • BAU - Calendar B Autumn session 
  • BSP - Calendar B Spring session

Calendar B is only used for selected Graduate School of Health and Teacher Education courses.

The short teaching session codes are:

  • FEB - February session
  • MAR - March session
  • MAY - May session
  • JUL - July session
  • AUG - August session
  • OCT - October session
  • DEC - December session

During the transition to the new academic calendar, the 2016 Timetable Builder also includes

  • DCR – 2015 December Session


UTS has one main campus at Ultimo and another campus at Moore Park. The University also delivers programmes to students at locations outside Australia through cooperation with international partners. These locations are known as offshore campuses.

The campus codes are:

  • U - Ultimo/City campus
  • CN - China/Shanghai (offshore)
  • HK - Hong Kong (offshore)
  • MP – Moore Park precinct

Study attendance mode

For each subject, teaching period and campus location, one or more attendance modes may be available:

  • S - Standard attendance mode involves attendance at weekly, on-campus classes, over a 11-week session.

  • B - Block mode involves an intensive period of study, in classes scheduled over one or more weeks of the teaching period.

  • D - Distance (off-campus) mode students are provided with materials that they work through in their own time, supported by online and print materials and possibly one or two face-to-face sessions.

  • O - Offshore mode subjects are offered at a campus outside of Australia.


For each subject at UTS one or more activities, or class types, may be required.

The activity codes are:

  • CNR - Class Not Required
  • CMP - Computer Lab
  • DRP - Drop in
  • LAB - Laboratory
  • LEC - Lecture
  • PRC - Practical or Practicum session
  • SEM - Seminar
  • STU - Studio
  • TUT - Tutorial
  • UPS - U:PASS session
  • WRK - Workshop