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When things go wrong

UTS Student Ombud

The Office investigates complaints from students who have a grievance related to administrative decisions. We exist to ensure that all students receive fair and equitable treatment at UTS. We deal with requests for assistance as informally as possible, seek reasonable outcomes and make recommendations for action, where appropriate.  The Office does not act as an advocate for either side in a dispute.

The Office is a confidential, informal, impartial, non-adversarial office of last resort.  We provide to students an independent avenue of dispute resolution that uses:

  • natural justice (fairness) and confidentiality
  • thoroughness in investigating a complaint
  • awareness of a student’s personal situation
  • access to all staff and all documentation
  • expertise in University processes and structure.

By providing this service for students, the Office assists the University in making sure that its rules, policies and procedures are followed in a fair and proper manner. As a result the Office receives excellent cooperation and assistance from academic and administrative staff at the university.

The Student Ombud, and three Assistant Student Ombuds are academic staff appointed to their positions as a result of their experience in working with students and staff at UTS.  All Ombuds investigate problems in a non-confrontational way. All Ombuds work in the position part-time and are supported by the Administration Manager who is very experienced in providing students with direction in seeking to resolve their grievances.

Scope of our work

Problems that have been dealt with by the Student Ombuds Office fall into these general categories:

  • assessment
  • timetabling /lectures
  • exclusion and penalties
  • admission
  • examinations
  • scholarships/grants
  • enrolment
  • fees
  • University property
  • breach of confidentiality

The annual reports of the Office provide more information on the categories of complaint that we deal with in addition to a summary of our work. 


Your approaches to the Office and your complaint are treated with complete confidentiality.  Any notes taken in meetings will be kept in a confidential file and if you need to fax any material to us no one else will see it.  Where your name must be used to investigate your case, you will be told of this initially and given the opportunity to decide whether or not you want to continue with your complaint.  Under these circumstances staff are required not to divulge information about the investigation to third parties.

Contact us

e: ombuds@uts.edu.au
Ph: 61 2 9514 2575 
Fax: 61 2 9514 2771
Office: CB03.03.42


The Office is staffed on a part-time basis, please contact the Office by email or phone and we will return your call promptly.