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One-to-one consultation by referral

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After you have attended a drop-in advice session, if a longer consultation is required you may be able to book in for a 40-minute one-to-one consultation.

Having a one-to-one consultation is an opportunity for an in-depth discussion in relation to your specific needs on an assessment.

A 40-minute one-to-one consultation may involve:

  • discussing your draft to ensure that you have addressed the assessment criteria
  • addressing a number of grammar or referencing issues that require assistance
  • preparing for an oral presentation.


How to book

One-to-one consultations can only be made on referral from a HELPS Advisor following a drop-in advice session. If the HELPS Advisor ascertains that you need more assistance at the drop-in session, s/he will book you in; you cannot book one-to-one consultations yourself online.

It's important to plan ahead as one-to-one consultations are very popular and can book out weeks in advance.

When you book to attend, please remember:

  • When you have successfully booked into a session, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Due to high demand, these consultations are limited to 40-minutes. Longer consultations would mean fewer appointments available per day.
  • By 12 midnight the day before the scheduled session, you must upload all the assignment-related materials (your draft, assignment question and marking criteria).
  • If your circumstances change and you're no longer available to attend your appointment, please make sure to cancel your booking at least 24 hours beforehand.
  • Missed appointments will be considered 'no-shows'. 
  • Students with two 'no-shows' may still receive assistance on a drop-in basis.

Please note:

  • Students can have 1 appointment per week.
  • A session must be booked/ cancelled/ entered into the waiting list at least 24 hour before appointment. However, it is possible to book a session within 24 hours if available sessions exist or under extenuating circumstances.
  • Students can only be placed in the waiting list for a maximum of 3 sessions for the week. However, it is possible to be placed on more than 3 under extenuating circumstances.
  • After 2 no-shows, students are prohibited from making any appointments. This will remain for a period of 2 sessions (current + following session) unless management intervention has been sought.
  • Students can have a maximum of 3 appointments in advance. However, each appointment has to be for a different assignment and requires a drop-in session unless extenuating circumstances. 
  • Students may have a maximum of 2 appointments for one assignment only if a referral was made by a HELPS Advisor following an initial consultation session.