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Financial help

UTS student residences rental subsidy

Local students living in UTS Housing who are struggling on low income and/or on a Centrelink benefit may be eligible for a weekly subsidy to your UTS on-campus rent.
For continuing students, subsidies will be considered according to each individual applicant's circumstance, and may be awarded at anytime following your application and assesment.
New students, in their first session at UTS can be pre-assessed now, with any award starting after their first session's census date.

New undergraduate students in 2017

For new students enrolling in an undergraduate course at UTS in 2017, who are:
  • on a Centrelink benefit (or expect to receive a Centrelink benefit in Autumn 2017),
  • or can alternatively demonstrate financial hardship, and who are
  • Australian citizens or holders of a permanent or humanitarian visa and
  • considering an offer with UTS Housing

Please complete the attached Expression of Interest (PDF, 56KB) and send it to financial.assistance@uts.edu.au for a preliminary assessment.

Subsidies for eligible new students (1st year and 1st session at UTS) take effect soon after Census date (10 April 2017). You will need to meet the full weekly rental cost prior to that date.

Continuing students - Eligibility brief

You may be eligible if you meet the following base-criteria:
  • Citizenship & Enrolment: Australian or PR and PHV status & enrolled at UTS
  • Living in UTS Housing
  • Centrelink: You are in receipt of a means and assets tested Centrelink benefit and/or
  • Financial Hardship:  Students not receiving a Centrelink benefit on a proven low income may also apply. You are required to provide adequate documentary evidence (e.g. payslips with record of hours worked or tax assessment notices) that you are struggling financially. Exceptional circumstances, such as unexpected medical costs or personal challenges may also be considered.


The application process requires you to:

1. Complete the online application form

2. Supply a copy of your License Agreement with UTS Housing

3. Attend an assesment appointment with the UTS Financial Assitance Service

4. Provide a copy of your bank account transactions for the past three months