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Financial help

Equity grants

Equity grants

Local students who are struggling financially may apply for a grant towards:

essential living costs; or

costs related to a practical/clinical/internship/project; or

financial support in your search for a job/internship (for example: clothes; transport; mobile phone calls; printing; portfolios and other pre-interview preparation) through the UTS Careers 'work-ready' program. 

For essential Living costs and emergencies

Financial Assistance can offer grants to local students experiencing either sustained or temporary financial hardship. Grants are for course-related expenses and/or to assist with short-term living costs, with applications of around $500 considered. Please note that grants are not intended for the payment of fees.

We will ask you to write a statement about why you need a grant, complete a brief income and expenses overview and to provide documentation related to your request.

Grants for clinicals, practicums and placements

Local students on low incomes who are affected by loss of earnings and/or additional costs resulting from the participation in unpaid, requisite course-related work activities may apply for financial assistance to help with rent, transport, childcare and related living expenses. Applicants must fulfil the eligibility criteria for Student Equity Grants, and submit a completed Equity Grant application together with supporting documentation at an appointment with the Financial Assistance Service.

Local and international students may also apply for a no-interest Student Loan to assist with short-term cash-flow problems.

Grants for UTS Careers 'work-ready' programs

You may also apply for a grant to assist with the costs of interview attire and interview preparations if you are a local student attending the Accomplish program or Accomplish Intensive program with UTS Careers, and you are struggling financially. This grant is aimed to assist about-to-graduate students to be better equipped to meet potential employers. 

Eligibility for grants

To be eligible for equity grants for emergencies or equity grants for clinicals, practicums and placements, applicants must:

  • be currently enrolled in award courses (undergraduate or postgraduate degree courses) at UTS
  • not be on leave of absence or facing exclusion
  • be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.

International, non-award and IN:SEARCH students are not eligible.

First year students in your 1st semester of studies may be eligible after Census Date of your session. Should you experience untoward financial need prior to then, please contact our Service to discuss your circumstances.

How to apply

To apply for equity grants for emergencies or equity grants for clinicals, practicums and placements:

  1. Download the application form (PDF 47kB).
  2. Make an appointment to see the financial assistance officer.
  3. Complete the application form prior to interview.
  4. Bring your student card, bank details and supporting documents to the interview.