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Residential life

Students who get the most out of living at UTS Residences are those who:

  • maintain focus on their learning goals,,
  • are prepared to be part of a residential community;
  • enjoy making connections with people from diverse backgrounds, and forming new friendships;
  • respect the diversity of the community and understand that rules exist for the benefit of every individual.

The UTS Housing Residential Life program is a dedicated team of our UTS Housing staff and over 25 student Resident Networkers (RN’s) that make sure the transition to living away from home is not only lots of fun, but helps you to focus on what you are here for….learning!  The team of RN’s offer make sure you feel supported during your time in UTS Housing.

With over 1140 students living in it, the UTS Housing community is made up of students from across Australia and throughout the world. Our RN program makes sure you have every chance to learn about your peers and their cultures during your stay.

Download the  UTS:Housing Rules (PDF 113KB, 20 pages), the  UTS:Housing Service Licence Agreement for Student Residences (PDF 163KB, 39 pages) (includes the UTS:Housing Rules) and the  UTS:Housing Handbook (PDF 2,304KB, 56 pages) or the Wattle Lane residence handbook  (PDF 2,5KB, 56 pages)

Learning success

The UTS Housing service mission is to:

"Enrich student life by providing, and promoting a positive living environment conducive to academic, social and personal growth for students."

Our programs include the formation of study groups where students study together with others students in their faculty to promote better learning. Additional workshops may be organised to help residents to develop better study skills.

You will be able to develop transferable skills, including the ability to:

  • think clearly and critically
  • manage your own finances and budgets
  • work on projects and develop skills that make a positive contribution to the residential or broader community
  • develop skills to communicate within a small and large group of people
  • organise and lead groups
  • appreciate the diversity of people and cultures.

Read the feedback we get from our students.

Pay it your way

Accommodation in the private rental market is expensive in inner Sydney; our accommodation is, in most instances, at least 25% below comparable market rates. You will live in a furnished apartment with rents that include water gas, electricity, internet, cleaning of common areas, and support services. As UTS Residences are on the doorstep of the City campus, most students will save money on travel costs to University.

Close and secure

Our security staff are on duty at the city campuses 24 hours, seven days a week, to assist in any emergency. We’ve got all the relevant external regulations covered (e.g. fire safety, occupational health and safety).  As for policies and procedures that promote a positive residential community free from discrimination, harassment and unsafe or unhealthy behaviour, we’ve got that covered too.

In addition, each residence has Residential Networkers living in their midst.  Residential Networkers are 'more senior,’ experienced residents who are people students can look up to, answer all your questions about uni residential life, and enjoy providing support to new students.

University Residences are close to Sydney's transport hub, providing easy access to Central station, numerous buses, and light rail. Because you are so close to everything, , it is easy to be involved in extracurricular and social academic activities, community activities such as weekend barbeques, casual sporting events, or just getting to know other people. It makes residential life both personally satisfying and academically rewarding.

Residential Life offers you a unique opportunity to develop strong friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, and enjoy cultural exchange experiences that often might not be available in other environments. Living at University Residences will mean you can potentially connect with hundreds of students. 

Students will often find that their social and interpersonal skills are enhanced when they form friendships and experience the challenges that come with living in a diverse community. Students are challenged to overcome cultural biases and stereotypes and develop friendships that make it a satisfying experience living in student residences.

At University Residences, you will be part of a community that is encouraged to be mutually supportive to ensure that everyone adapts to the new environment, stays focussed on academic success and contributes to a positive University experience.

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