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Creating the entrepreneurs of the future.

UTS: Hatchery is a distinctive extra-curricular program, designed to up-skill students with new ways to solve real world problems.

Today’s UTS students and tomorrow’s graduates are following very different career paths to the generations before them. Many of these students are deciding on startup and entrepreneurial careers over traditional jobs. Organisations are also changing, with employers increasingly valuing entrepreneurial and intrepreneurial skillsets.

UTS: Hatchery is far from a typical university subject. The program is experimental and interactive, and focuses on teaching the fundamental skills to develop a solution to a problem that is feasible, viable and desirable. It is for students who want to go beyond the normal university experience and take advantage of knowledge, skills and resources available at UTS, in order for them to create their own future through entrepreneurship. 

Similarly to the ground-breaking Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation course, the Hatchery program is entirely cross-disciplinary, with no limitations to faculties, degree types, or year level. The program draws its expertise from across the university and among Australia’s innovation ecosystem, with mentors and coaches coming from industry leading organisations such as MicrosoftCommonwealth Bank of Australia Innovation Lab and ABC Innovation.

The program runs every Autumn and Spring session for approximately eight weeks, with three intensive boot camps and all core learning completed during the Orientation and Preparation Week. Having the space to brainstorm and explore new ideas is crucial to student entrepreneurs. Hatchery participants receive seven day a week access to the collaborative workspace, exclusive invitations to events, master classes and networking opportunities, as well as Microsoft’s very own recording studio for podcasts and vodcasts (and the home of “The Hatch).

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Upcoming Event:

We will be joined by Yvonne Lee and Sally Hill the founders of Wildwon. Wildwon is an end-to-end experience design and event production company specialising in knowledge, innovation, sustainability, social change and advocacy events designed to create meaningful and lasting impact.

In this session we will delve deeper into how Wildwon have created meaningful experiences using creativity for social good. We will also look at the changing landscape for young creatives and see how more women can be part of the conversation to design the creative industry of the future. 

The breakfast series will showcase inspiring and empowering entrepreneurial women, and explore different trajectories for young women to take to carve out their own careers in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

The event is open to the UTS community, general public and is sure to leave you walking away with practical advice that you can apply to your work or business venture.

Doors open at 7:30 for a 8:00 am start.

The event will conclude at 9am with networking to follow.