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What is Global Exchange?

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UTS’s Global Exchange program allows you to study overseas for one or two teaching sessions at a UTS partner university in Asia, Europe or the Americas. With 248 exchange agreements with partners in 50 countries and territories, UTS has one of the largest international exchange programs in Australia.

UTS Exchange Partner Database

While you are studying overseas, you remain enrolled full-time at UTS and receive credit towards your UTS degree. In most cases, you will be able to combine travel and study without adding extra time to your studies.

global exchange guide

Download the Global Exchange guide
(PDF, 5MB)

Global exchange is a wonderful opportunity for you to gain intercultural knowledge, skills and experience in another country.

Check out our student blog (opens an external site) of exchange experiences of UTS students around the world or read about other UTS students’ experiences.

Are you a student from outside Australia who wants to come to UTS on exchange?


Global Exchange or Study Abroad?

Global Exchange

The UTS Global Exchange program gives students enrolled at UTS the opportunity to study at an official UTS Exchange partner institution (opens an external site). You continue to pay your tuition fees at UTS and will receive credit towards your UTS degree.

Study Abroad

The UTS Study Abroad program allows students enrolled at UTS to study at any recognised university or college worldwide. For Study Abroad the institution does not have to be a UTS partner. Study Abroad attracts a tuition fee based on the number of subject credit points you study at the other institution.

Study in English

The majority of our partner universities teach in English; therefore you are not required to speak the language of your host country. However, going on exchange is also an opportunity to learn a new language, even if you will not study in that language.

If you are learning a language other than English at UTS and wish to study in that language while on exchange, you will need to have attained UTS level 8 language proficiency before your departure.

Global Exchange step by step

  1. Register for and attend a Global Exchange Information Session
  2. Shortlist your partner institution choices
  3. Research which subjects you can study at each university
  4. Apply online
  5. Submit your application form to your student centre for faculty approval
  6. Submit the completed application forms to UTS International by the due date

Note: You must apply to go on exchange more than six months before your intended departure date. For example, if you wish to go on exchange in the UTS Autumn session 2017, you need to apply during the UTS Autumn session 2016.

Short-term overseas partner programs

If you don't want to spend an entire session of your course overseas, or you may just want to explore an interesting elective option, many of UTS’s partner universities offer ‘for credit’ short-term academic partner programs during their summer or winter periods.

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