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October Intensives - Workshops 2017


These sessions will cover the 4 workshops in the SOUL Skill Up program that need to be completed in order to acheive the UTS: SOUL Award. 

Wednesday 25th October

  • Active Communication:
    Intro to volunteering and community engagement, and effective communication skills including pitching and active listening.
  • Skills 4 leaders
    Skill development to help you think about leadership in many different contexts, from social and family structures, uni groupwork and community organising. Identify what kind of leadership styles and tactics inspire you, and what kind of team player you are.

Thursday 26th October

  • Social Issues 101
    An overview of the social issues facing society today and tools to help you understand and address social issues in the community, and be part of social change making. Understand many of the different issues in the community sector, and see how they intersect. 
  • SOUL in Action:
    The how-to’s of project management, and teamwork. Useful for volunteering as well as in your personal life, you will leave this workshop with an action plan for taking your learnings and passions into action.

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25 - 26 October 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


City - Broadway


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