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Log your SOUL volunteer hours

**Important! To be eligible to complete the SOUL Award you need to log your hours and attend all four Skill Up workshops before 30 May in Autumn session or 30 October in Spring session **


Click here to log your hours 


The volunteer hours form located in the CareerHub workflow above is used to log your volunteer hours for credit towards the UTS SOUL Award. It's how you demonstrate your volunteering activity, and it is a requirement of the program that you record your activity. Please ensure that the volunteering you count towards the Award is local and for a not-for-profit organisation.

You can log your hours however suits you best, whether that be weekly, monthly, at the end of each teaching session, … or even yearly! However, we recommend that students record their hours directly after finishing a volunteer activity - this means you're less likely to forget your hours, and there are less likely to be problems when you graduate.

Each time you log your hours you will receive an email with a record of your submission. Please save these email submissions as they will help you to keep track of your volunteer hours.

To be eligible for the SOUL Award, you need to complete 90 hours over the course of your degree.