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UTS Shopfront Community Program

If you are a final year or postgraduate student, you can apply your skills to work with a non-profit community organisation as part of your disciplinary course work and get course credit through the University’s community program, UTS Shopfront.

More than 3,000 UTS students across all UTS faculties have successfully completed individual or team-based community projects.

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All the projects listed with UTS Shopfront are initiated by community organisations based on real community needs.

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Work-integrated Learning and Social Responsibility 

Doing a community project allows you to further your professional skills – including project management, communication, problem solving, analysis and critical thinking  - and demonstrate social responsibility; increasingly an important value that future employers look for. 

Most students who have worked on a community project say the experience is unlike anything they have done at university, and both professionally and personally rewarding.

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Doing a community project means working on real projects with a real client, putting your professional skills into practice, adding value to your CV, developing contacts and making a difference in the community.


Community projects in coursework can be undertaken as individual or team-based work by final year or postgraduate students who are enrolled in a placement or internship subject in their course, or in a subject that requires an industry-based project worth more than 50 per cent of the total subject mark.

All students – whether it’s their first day at UTS or their final semester - can sign up for Shopfront’s community volunteering and leadership recognition program, UTS: SOUL Award.


Your responsibilities during a project will include:

  • gaining approval from your academic supervisor to undertake the proposed project
  • attending meetings with community organisations and presenting your final outcomes to them
  • producing a project plan and project timelines and getting sign-off from your academic supervisor and the community client
  • undertaking the project and producing the outcomes, as defined in your plan.
  • regularly updating your community client, academic supervisor and UTS Shopfront on your progress
  • providing your community client and Shopfront with copies of your final report and/or other project outcomes
  • completing evaluations at the end of the project
  • keeping track of any project costs or expenses for reimbursement.

These are part of UTS Shopfront’s Roles and responsibilities  for all project stakeholders (including community organisations, academics and Shopfront).

Supervision and support 

Your academic supervisor oversees the project and provides assessment of your work. You’ll need to have your supervisor's approval before you can start work on a project.

The community client also nominates a liaison person to work on the project with you. They can also provide support like work space (if required) and cover any costs like transport fares or telephone bills. Community clients will also acknowledge your work and contribution when the project is completed successfully.

Staff at UTS Shopfront are experienced student-community project managers and will provide ongoing support and expert advice for your project throughout the semester. They will also assist you in accessing University and industry expertise to support your project, as well as providing work space, meeting rooms and organising project equipment such as transcribers, recorders and videos, and any additional training you feel is required.

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New projects are listed with UTS Shopfront every semester.

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Contact UTS Shopfront 

If have any further questions, or an idea for a community project, please contact UTS Shopfront:

Email: shopfront@uts.edu.au

Telephone: 9514 2900

Location: Level 16, UTS Tower Building (Building 1), 15 Broadway, Ultimo