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Applications for the 2017 UTS Accomplish Award are now CLOSED. 

If you completed your degree in Autumn Session 2017, or will complete your degree at the end of Spring Session 2017, we recommend you register an expression of interest for our December Accomplish Intensive program here.


About the program

The UTS Accomplish Award is a year-long program designed to enhance your employability success by helping you to identify and articulate your skillls, knowledge and experience in an appropriate and professional way.

Through a series of interactive workshops, experiential events, and employability hours, you can improve your confidence while gaining practical and industry-relevant skills that could help you stand out from the crowd!

You are eligible to apply in 2018 if you:

  • An undergraduate or postgraduate student; and
  • Will be commencing your penultimate or final year at the start of 2018.

You are not eligible to apply if you:

  • Have participated in the Accomplish Intensive program.
  • Will be commencing your final semester at the start of 2018.

Note: If you are a student with a lot of professional experience, this may not be the appropriate program for you.


The Accomplish Award runs from April to October and includes the following elements:

Events (all compulsory) designed to help build your experience and skills:

  • Welcome Event in early April.
  • Faculty-specific Networking lunch in July
  • Mock interview with an employer in September
  • Graduation Event in mid-October

Workshops for you to gain practical skills that could prove invaluable for your career:

  • 3 core (compulsory) workshops
  • A choice of at least 8 elective (optional) workshops
  • See the table below for an explanation of the different Accomplish Award levels

Resume review

  • Amend your resume after the Resume Masterclass and submit for personalised feedback (compulsory).

Employability  hours

  • You are required to complete between 40-100 employability hours (depending on the Award level you wish to complete), over at least two different employment activities between April and early September.
  • Only employability hours completed during the Accomplish year will be recognised.


Award levels

award levelworkshopsresume reviewnetworking eventemployability hoursmock interview
Platinum3 core + 4 electives (min)100 hours
Gold3 core + 3 electives (min)80 hours
Silver 3 core + 2 electives (min)60 hours
Bronze3 core + 1 electives (min)40 hours


Upon completion, aside from the invaluable skills and relationships you will have developed throughout the Accomplish Award program, you will also:

  • Receive the Accomplish Award, signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Platinum only);
  • Receive the Accomplish Certificate, signed by the Manager of UTS: Careers (Gold, Silver & Bronze);
  • Gain recognition of your participation on your Graduate Statement (AHEGS) (Platinum only);
  • Build your confidence in applying for degree-specific jobs;
  • Have developed key soft skills that employees look for in graduates.

Hear from previous Accomplish graduates on what they gained from the program

UTS Accomplish Award


How to apply

Applications will open in early 2018. If you enter your details on the following form we will let you know when applications open.  Before you do, make sure to have a read through what is involved and decide whether you can commit to completing every aspect of the program across both semesters. This is a competitive process so please take the time to ensure that your application is as accurate and complete as possible.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the program, please email our Accomplish Team on: