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Univative Sydney is an annual inter-university consultation competition involving students from UTS, UNSW, Macquarie University, University of Wollongong, Australian Catholic University and Central Queensland University (Sydney Campus).


Applications for 2017 are now closed.  If you would like to particpate in the 2018 program please enter your details on this form and we will let you know when applications open for 2018 Univative Sydney.

Please ensure that you have read all the information below before applying. You are eligible to apply in 2018, if you are a currently enrolled UTS student when you apply and during the program. It is targeted at students who are in their penultimate or final year of an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Note: If you are a student with a lot of professional experience, this may not be the appropriate program for you.

Designed to enhance your employability, your team is placed in a real-life project with limited time and resources. Previous project hosts have included Accor, ClickView, CBA, Australian National Maritime Museum, the Salvation Army and the Co-op to name a few.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop and enhance vital skills from teamwork to problem solving, via project management and presenting. You’ll also experience workplace diversity, expand your network and make a worthwhile contribution to the organisation.

“Since our project was very presentation-heavy I managed to give my presentation and public speaking skills a good workout. I also improved my Prezi-building and conceptualising skills,” previous Univative participant.

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2017 Structure

For 2018, the structure will be similar to the outline below.

The project host will set a problem or issue that reflects an actual need of the organisation. Teams allocated by the Univative Coordinator will have 3 or 4 weeks to work on the project. In the final week, your team will send through a report which must then be presented on the final day. The organisation will choose the best performing team based on the report and the presentation.

Key Dates*:

  • 23 June, 2017 (2:30pm - 5:00pm): UTS Univative Orientation Session
  • 3 July, 2017: Univative Launch and Training Day 1
  • 4 July, 2017: Onsite Briefing with Project Host
  • 12 July, 2017: Onsite Host Visit and Mid-point Training
  • 17 or 18 July, 2017 (at least 2 hours): UTS Presentation Rehearsals
  • 19 July, 2017: Reports due to project host
  • 21 July, 2017: Univative Final Presentations and Award Ceremony
  • 3 August, 2017 (4:00pm - 6:00pm): UTS Debrief Session

* Note: dates and times are subject to change. Where there are no specifications on time frames, we recommend you be available for the day and evening for the Award Ceremony.


Applications for 2017 are now closed. If you would like to particpate in the 2018 program please enter your details on this form and we will let you know when applications open for 2018 Univative Sydney.

If you are accepted into the program you will need to have fill out the following forms  and submit a soft copy via the Acceptance Form and provide the hard copy at the UTS Univative Welcome Session:


2017 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Autumn session will be my last semester at UTS, can I still participate?

Yes, as long as you can commit to the program over the course during which it runs. International students soon to finish their degree should also consider their visa status before applying to the competition. Please refer to the Key Dates above. Also, please note that this is a high intensity program; based on past experience, it is strongly recommended that there is a minimum 25-30 hours a week commitment for the first two weeks and full-time hours in the final week.

2. Can I choose my team members?

No. The whole purpose of Univative is to provide students with real-life working experience. When you enter the graduate world, you are not asked to choose your team, rather you have to learn, adapt and work amidst different personalities and working styles. Univative aims to provide the same experience to students by making them aware of this aspect of work and also helping them better understand their own personalities through the process.

3. Can I choose the company or the project I work for?

Students do not get to choose the company or project. Each university endeavours to put students from different faculties into a single project so as to help them experience workplace diversity and also provide a varied set of skills for the project.

4. I cannot attend one of the key date events listed. Will it affect my eligibility?

It is mandatory to be present and available for all of the Key Dates listed, for you to be eligible to participate in the competition.

5. Will I receive any support or guidance during the competition?

You will have 2 training sessions as well as a member of the Careers team to provide feedback to you from time to time and also to check the team dynamics.

6. What would be the size of every team?

Teams would have between 4 to 6 members each.

7. Would teams from the same university compete against each other?

No. All teams from the same university would be competing on different projects, so no two teams from the same university get to work on the same project.

8. How many projects would be there from a single company (project host)?

Each project host (company) would provide one project for the competition. Teams from different universities get to compete over this one project from the project host.

9. Will I be working at the premises of the project host during the competition?

No, the teams work on the project at the university itself or any other places they find convenient to work during the competition. Teams would only be required to visit the project host premises as part of the On-site visits and/or Final presentations.

10. I've particpated in Univative previously, can I apply?

No, you can only participate in Univative Sydney once as we would like as many students as possible to have the opportunity to participate.


If you have any queries, please contact univative@uts.edu.au